Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 App Reviews

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New Version is even worst than version 8

I am engineer for large medical software firm. Our clients use this app to connect to RDH farms and this version has so many issues, how does this happen with microsoft. How did this get tested and passed before getting released. Many times it wont even connect, you have to close the app over and over to get it to connect. At least with version 8 - connecting was not an issues. Even test both side by side - Version 8 works much better. 1 star is too good since the most basic function doesnt work consistently

Redirection doesn’t work

Can transfer files from Mac to remote PC but when trying to transfer from PC to Mac redirection folder it says ‘there is not enough space.’ Have tried everything I can think of. Works on other co-workers Macs but not my imac retina 5k, OS 10.13.6. I use this for work constantly. Please don’t break version 8 until this issue is fixed!!

Fantastic, fast, and smooth from my small use

Had no qualms with the “square logo” version. I used it often, using both Active Directory logins and local logins. Did mass software installs on multiple machines simultaneously all remotely from the app. This one I feel like runs even faster and smoother than the last one! Great job, devs. I also can see on here that the devs are responding to many of the (often unbelievably whiny and uppity) complaints on this review page, often proving the customer wrong or letting them know that their desired feature is forthcoming. Thank you for your dedication, dev team. I feel these guys deserve a 5-star review. The average rating for this app largely seems to be due to customers’ ineptitude or ignorance, so the rating really isn’t fair or telling of the quality of the app.

It’s just okay… Good from far, but far from good

One of the features that seems new is the ability to manage credentials much easier then version 8. That was one of the main draws to upgrading (aside from the fact 8 was depricated). I’m glad to hear organizing the connections list is coming soon, but dissabpointed that it wasn’t out of the box in version 10. My main gripe is that when importing saved connections from version 8 it did not copy over the resolution settings. Maybe I’m wierd, but I prefer all the connections to run in a window (1600x900 works decent on my monitors). I had all of my connections in version 8 set to this, but it didn’t carry over when importing from version 8 into 10. There doesn’t appear to be a easy way to bulk edit conections either, so it looks like I’ll be editing 50+ saved connections by hand. Overall for this version, I’d rate it somewhere between :( and >:C Edit: Also the app doesn’t seem to be able to import desktops that were saved with remoteapplicationprograms from version 8. It imports it without the remoteapplicationprogram flags and shows a full desktop environment instead. In addition there doesn’t seem to be a way to edit or create a new desktop in the saved list with remoteapplicationprogram options.

Extremely slow

RDP sessions are extremely slow to the point of being unusable. Switched to another RDP client - no issues.

Awful! Stick with MRD 8

Installed as prompted by the UI banner in the previous version, as Microsoft Remote Desktop 8 will be deprecated soon… Setup was a breeze thanks to the ‘Import from Remote Desktop 8’ option, but that is about the only redeeming quality this app has. This new app is much slower to establish a connection than its predecessor, often taking numerous attempts before connecting successfully. It will not maintain a connection without freezing completely - I have to force quit and relaunch 3-4 times an hour, as there is no other way to reconnect. We are returning to version 8 until issues are resolved.

Grouping good. Constant dropped connections bad.

I noticed that a new compeltely separate version from 8 was available to I pulled it down to play around. I love that there is some rudimentary level of grouping available, it’s been needed for years. That’s great. The bad part is the product is almost completely unusable. I connect to many different computers through a single RDP Gateway and find that the sessions constantly lock up or drop out. In addition to that it’s a crap shoot as to whether or not I’ll be able to initiate a connection, it will stall on any of the steps it takes. 8 was crude but at least it was pretty solid. Pretty disappointed in this release, hope Microsoft actually develops fixes for it (although considering the v8 bugs never got fixed I won’t hold my breath).

Terrible Quality

My old remote desktop just made me download this version. It’s terrible. The quality of the screen is blurry. I stare at numbers all day and I’m pretty sure I’m going to lose my vision from using this “updated” version. Thanks for fixing something that wasn’t broken, Microsoft…thanks.


Why Microsoft had to update something that was working is beyond me. Version 10 is unusable compared to version 8

Touch problem

It’s good and some problem I have is that when I remotely connect to a Windows 10 it detects I an in a touch enabled device so it cause some problem in our application which behave different if device is touch enabled or not and I don’t know how to tell the remote desktop that I’m not on a touch device. It would be appreciated if you help me. Thanks.

Why break a working product?

I have been using version 8 of the Microsoft Remote Desktop for quite sometime and was prompted to install the version 10 of the software. Version 8 worked without issues connecting to machines in my network. Once I started using version 10, it causes the RDP session to hang constantly. I’m going back to version 8 until you can get this latest version to work properly.

“Is this thing on?"

So far, I’m unable to make a connection using this version. This is to a remote system that works fine with the "soon to be deprecated" client. Now, rather than working, I’m spending my time perusing the app store for a client that works. Additional information: Please don’t retire version 8. This new one does not work. With the same settings, version 10 just starts but will never connect. It just hangs at “Opening remote port”. Out of 30 or more attempts, with no connection changes, it has worked 2 times. After numerous attempts, I have to go back to version 8 and it readily works, every time.

Doesn't connect to 2016 server

just errors connecting.

Better than rel. 8 except...

Seems smoother and quicker than version 8 was except for one feature. I typically use in full screen mode. In prior version I was able to split the full screen with another Mac app, ie, see both apps in ‘full screen mode’ sharing the same monitor. That functionality no longer seems there. Please fix this.

reconnect to fast when connection is droped, then make more login!

reconnect to fast when connection is droped, then make more login! version 8 had no this problem.

Not an improvement

I will keep using the old version for as long as I can. I hate this version so far: Can’t adjust the text size after 2 hours of trying and having my IT guy who is an expert in this. Window is too large and you can adjust the height but the width is not adjustable so it takes up 80% of my screen for no purpose. If I wanted to have typeset that was 9pt….I’d be happy! But seriously this is a huge issue.

How did this pass QA?

Image quality, sharpness and responsiveness is significantly less sharp than Remote Desktop 8. There is a significant delay in mouse movements and the frame rate has severely dropped. Text is now harder to read due to poor sharpness.

So buggy compared to 8

If you enable sound to play locally, or microphone, then the machine will not go to sleep anymore. Remote Desktop prevents mac from sleeping the entire time it is connected, not just when in sleep. When you disable that the machine will sleep properly, but once asleep it will lose connection(fine and normal) but then when you come back out of sleep the sessions will be frozen for about 3-4 minutes while it attempts to “reconnect after session is lost”. Under 8, when you lost connection the window went away and you could instantly restore by reopening the session. If you disable the setting to reconnect after session is lost, then the session window goes black and stops working after sleep mode, but it does not X itself out automatically. Instead an error pops up so you must go to that session and click it, and then go back and double click the session. Under 8 when the session stopped due to sleep mode I could just double click the instance from the main window and go straight to it. Now I have to do 3 more steps or wait 3-4 minutes for the same functionality. Sound completely prevents sleep mode.

Copy and paste

I connect to remote Windows server 2008 from my MAC OSX 10.13.6. I cannot copy formatted rtf file fomr MS Word on my remote Windows machine to MS Word on my mac. It only allows me to paste as unformatted text. I have looked and configured all the settings on both my local and remote MS Word and it still is not working. When Mirosoft used to have pre-installed remote desktop application that came with Microsoft Office I never had this issue. Please resolve.

This software is terrible!

There is no way to specify what screen resolution you want to connect at. The default is to connect at full screen, which on my 55” 4K display is a bit overkill. I use this screen so I can have lots of different things open in different areas. It’s not helpful when a single app takes over the whole thing like this. Then, if you try to resize the window to only use part of the screen, instead of changing the desktop to match the size of the window, it maintains the 4K resolution and just shrinks everything down to the point where It’s impossible to see anything. Awful design.

Complete Garbage

No control over display resolution? No, I don't want to have to exit full screen every time I use it. I want it in a window. Where I had it in the last version thank you very much. Why is Microsoft incapable of wiriting proper Mac software? It's insane. It's like they go out of their way to flip off users. Back to version 8.

When Mac Locks Key Inputs are Messed Up

The keyboard keys start doing crazy things after I lock my Mac and go back in. Closing the connection without logging out and reopening fixes, but it's annoying!

Crashes Constantly

Creashes each time I copy something to clipboard while connect to a Windows 10 desktop. Remote Desktop v8 did not have this problem. Frustrating.

Force Quit

I almost always have to force quit. I submitted the logs/email several times, so I hope someone fixes the issues.

Cloud support

Any chance you could add Dropbox and/or One Drive support for syncing the desktops between devices? Alternatively, just store all the saved desktops on Microsoft servers and allow us to login with our Microsoft accounts so they just appear if the app is added to a new device. Thanks!

Cannot change resolution AT ALL!

New version has NO option to change screen resolution. The font is scaled HORRIBLY and is completely unusable. When I go into settings the resolution drop down is disabled and stuck to “default for screen”. WASTE OF TIME

V 8 works on my Apple devices, but V 10 does not

Either the instructions are not clear, or the new version 10 does not work on Apple dvices. Since v 8 will no longer be supported very soon (September 2018), I don’t know what else I can do to access Office 365 and some Sharepoint files from my mobile devices and from my home office. I would appreciate some help with this. I asked the people at Metro PCS in NYC to help me, but they could not figure out what the problem is, either, and are having troble with it. PLEASE ADVISE ON INSTALLATION ISSUES FOR APPLE. Thanks for your help.

Reminds me of the “old” Microsoft

Microsoft worked so hard to convince everyone that they had changed their anti-competitive ways, but this app reminds me of the old days. For years, the Windows RDP client has had the ability to optimize performance over slow connections, by doing things like not downloading desktop wallpaper, showing just window outlines and not entire window contents when dragging windows around, scrolling content efficiently, etc. This Mac version, however, runs like a dog over slow connections and is therefore incredibly frustrating to use at times. Making the changes necessary to implement the same optimizations that the Windows client has would be trivial. The only logical explanation for the lack of these these features is that Microsoft wants Mac users to envy the snappy performance they see when their Windows counterparts connect to their desktops. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Doesn’t sign in

No idea why. I can sign in from the console, it just doesn’t work through this app. Trying to use my hotmail creds. Lame.

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10

Not impressed with this update slow, lags, my second monitor is fuzzy which makes it had to read text and unresponsive to the mouse scrolling. Version 8 was working just fine for me no issues this is my first day using 10 and I hate it.

How difficult is it to write a functional RDP client?

My office iMac has an RDP session running full screen on an external second monitor 8 hours a day. RDP-8 and earlier versions worked reliably, sans random cut/paste glitches. The pile of toss that is labeled v10.2.1 (1143) isn't worth the disk space that it's stored on, and will have the session freeze 1-2 times per day just sitting there doing nothing. I'm sure that there is a logical explanation for how a company could take a working v8 package and lose features while adding bugs in v10. Did they shut down the v8 development team and task an off-shore department with re-creating the wheel? Did Microsoft lose the v8 source code and have to start over? Whatever the case, Microsoft is not exactly showing the Mac community any respect with this shoddy product. I did get a chuckle out of the preferences "Help improve Remote Desktop" checkbox. Instead of a checkbox, how about a garbage can? Seriously though, I collect a pay check for finding the mistakes of sloppy programmers. Why should I compromise my privacy FOR FREE to assist people who are probably collecting pay checks much larger than mine to clean up their own shoddy work? Time to see if the third-party RDP clients have gotten any better in the past few years...

Programmatic Paste doesn’t work

If an app is using programmatic paste to update the clipboard and then command + v to paste, this doesn’t work. It seems that the RDP client assumes that a user will have the Mac Desktop in focus, then put focus into the remote session, only then does the clipboard update between sessions.

Power Management

I found the app tried to remain connected to the computer even while my macbook was in sleep mode causing battery drain. Battery dropped over several hours with the lid closed. I recognize many will want to stay connected when pluggged in or between meetings, but how about a battery saving option for those that don’t mind reconnecting?

Beta 10 -> Release 10 No Conversion?

I’ve been running the beta version of this tool for quite a while now and have quite a bit of desktop’s saved into that tool. When I saw that you released this as non-beta, I installed it, but there is no way to “Export” my desktop configurations. I see “Import” functions, but no “Export”. How can I easily move desktops between tools. I tried drag and drop, and that didn’t work either. Also, as another reviwer noted, having the ability to “group” desktop configurations would be helpful, as I have quite a bit to manage. Currently stuck on beta until I can figure out how to export my current configs.


I used this and it worked well. Now it crashes every time i try to open it. I am not super computer savvy so I am not entirely sure what the problem is.

simple & smooth

keep up the good work Microsoft!

Opening more than 3 sessions causes hang

App becomes un-responsive if I open more than 3 sessions. The only way seems to be killing the app and then re-launch every session.

MacOS Pixel Artifacts

This app does what it says, which is connect to other computers. However, it is currently causing pixel artifacts when actively connected to other computers. For example, I am remoted into another desktop or VM. I have it in the background or minimized and pixel artifacts will show on the display while I’m typing in Safari, SQL Operations (scrolling does it in this app as well), and about any other app that has a text input area. I am rating at two stars due to this annoyance as I almost ended up getting Apple to replace this iMac until I figured it out through the process of elimination. I will up my rating if Microsoft fixes this issue. I am on the latest edition of the 27” iMac.


It works fine, but I can’t figure out how to get dual monitors to work. This worked seemlessly with the previous version. Unfortunately I can’t use this new version until it supports dual monitors (or I figure out what I’m doing wrong).

Does not work with Citrix Client remoting to WIn 10

With version 8, I can connect to my laptop and VPN into our network, launch Citrix receiver and connect to VMs with no issues. With this version, it says connecting forever. Therefor I cannot use this version.

Application freezes on OS X 10.13.6

Application freezes on OS X 10.13.6

Password won’t save

Getting this all the time: "the remote pc requires you to enter your account info every time” where as I never had a problem saving my password with the previous version.

Doesn’t support full screen properly

after countless requests on Microsoft’s user voice site, they still did not get full screen mode working properly and matching the fucntionality of the previous version of RDC. On the old version, when using a Mac with dual displays, you could set full screen mode as follows: Resolution: Native Full screen mode: Custom Start session in full screen: Checkbox enabled: With these settings, the RDC connection would show full screen on only ONE display, with no menubar whatsoever. It’s like it’s own separate PC running, while your Mac desktop is on the other display. This setting no longer works. As full screen mode takes over all displays. MS suggests using separate spaces, but this is not practical with a multi-display setup…that’s why I have multiple displays. FIX IT!!!!

exported connection from v8 - does not connect

I exported a connection from v8 and imported it into v10 and it does not connect - it just sits there saying connecting and initializing remote connection. I even tried to create a new connection instead of using the imported one, same result.

Better performance but lacking from 8.0.4

I do like the performance improvements of this version but I was immediately turned off as only one of my monitors were used upon login. The only options I found resulted in a laptop sized screen on a 27” monitor which was very disappointing to say the least. Personally I’m going to use 8.0.4 until support is dropped. If the full screen, multiple monitor support is brought back for version 10 then I may get this app again.

Don’t End version 8!!!!!!!!!!

Version 10 is slow and it freezes. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix before you decommission version 8. Version 8 works great in comparision. This will negatively impact my work and productivity. Please move the cancellation date of 8 from 9/1/18 to several months awary until 10 is truly up to speed. Look at the reviews….more than 40% think it is just okay or bad or hate it.


Mostly what others have said - Buggy: o Sound doesn’t work from the local Windows computer to the local Mac. o V8 connections won’t import with invalid file message (they still work fine under V8). I later found a separate V8 import menu item, so I think perhaps you have to set up a V10 connection manually before you can import your old V8 connections….. I still call that a bug. Import should import. - UI is less clear than V8 o Change in terminology for change sake (“Desktop”), yet retains the same confusing “Gateway” terminology. There’s no “gateway” here. One PC to another PC. Not a biggy, but a company like MS can afford to do usability testing. o Not all options presented on iniitial connection creation (e.g. keys). You have to go back and edit the settings…. Rookie mistake. - Import of V8 files not automatic. This is the 21st century - the bar is a bit higher than Windows 95… - Startup is dramatically faster. This is first impression after 1/2 hour.

not as responsive as version 8

On the whole, it seems fine so far. But the interface is not as responsive as earlier versions, specifically mouse-wheel scrolliing.

does not open

twice deleted and reinstalled. still does not open (MacBook Air).

Much slower than the soon to be depricated 8.0.44

I updated to this version because I was warned 8.044 would be depricated. It is much slower the 8.0.44 and nearly unusable. It’s strange a forced upgraded would be so much worse. I guess this is Microsoft’s new normal.

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