Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 App Reviews

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Needs Work

I love the fact that copy and paste keys now match the Mac. But screen resolution is a problem. Using a 2017 15" MBPro and setting display to ‘Default for this display’ yeilds text that is not nearly as crisp compared with version 8. If I manually set the resolution to match the display (2880 x 1800), the desktop deosn’t fit in the window … meaning I'm forced to scroll around to see the whole desktop, and the text is still not clear. When that problem is resolved I’ll be eager to switch just for the convenience of using Mac key combos in Windows!

Severe Battery Drain and CPU Maxing Out ….. AWFUL

This version is totally draining my battery and makes my CPU fan ramp up loud. In checking the energy consumption, it comes up with super high numbers. Current stats: Energy Impact: 316.9 (YIKES) Avg Energy Impact: 274.01 Real Memory: 352.6 MB Virtual Memory: 4.08 GB %CPU: 116.87 Threads: 30 Ports 402 Conext Switches 48023279 Faults: 74490698 (steadily rising, and the likely main culprit here) This is with only *2* remote desktop session running over a local network.

Battery drainer

Compared with the previous version of the remote desktop software, this one drains my battery so quickly! Checking out activity monitor, even when in the background this app uses 40% of my MacBook Pro CPU, vs. 11% CPU usage from the previous version of this program. Thankfully the previous version is still available on the Mac App Store, so I can keep using it. Looking forward to using the newer version when they’ve fixed whatever issue is causing the massive CPU usage.

Update broke rdp to all servers worst update

Version 10.1.3 upgrade broke rdp to all servers with error 0x4 and 0x3

Create Custom macOS Folder icon for Applications Folder

If you’re going to throw this in a folder in the Applications directory, you could atleast create a custom folder for it to look nice. Looks sort of tacky having a generic blue folder in my macOS Applications folder...

Getting Better- Still Some User Interface Issues

We are a Microsoft partner who delivers a SAS app to 100’s of users via remote desktop and remote app. More than half of our users are on Mac’s and use Microsoft Remote Desktop. We have found Version 10 much harder to setup on users desktops because unlike the prior version where most of the information was in one place - now its spread around via access to dropdowns and in various locations. When we first started using this we had cursor disappearance and mysterious disconnects - and couldnt seem to get support It seems that they have been working hard to bring this up to speed and improve support. We started retesting and found the most current release to be much more stable - just dont try to open a full session screen on a 5K iMac in High Sierra yet.

This is a question

I need windows to get sims 4, i dont think this app is for that tho. I have windows on a different computer but I dont want to buy windows. please hellllppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smooth way to RDP into machines from my Mac.

Simple and easy to use UI, has been really smooth in remoting into various Windows machines.

DPI Settings

3 stars, marginally functional but blurry. Funny…I have both Windows Apps. Windows Remote Desktop 8 has great DPI rendering but doesn’t allow me to copy/paste from VPN to Non-VPN environment. Windows Remote Desktop 10 has poor DPI rendering but allows me to copy/paste from VPN to Non-VPN environment. Why not integrate features from both apps to make the perfect Windows Remote Desktop app for Mac?

Flat does not work

This new version is flat broken and does not work at all. Version 8 has some critical bugs but at least it can open a connection.. Version 10 will not load an rdp file on 10.11 at all, you can’t use a pre-downloaded remote app file. On 10.13 it opens the file, but it can’t pass authentication at all to the host, so again it’s useless as you can’t auth. How this got out of development I don’t know. Bad enough that 8 couldn’t handle cross domain authentication properly, 10 can’t auth at all.

Good tool with potential to be great

Definitely speedier than the 8.0 version, with a few minor UI glitches. When I hit view connection center in full view, I get locked into the remote session and have to quit (Cmd-Q) the app to get back to the Mac desktop. Also when I first launched the app, all of my connections were missing. I assumed I would have to rebuild them like the transition from MS Office 2011 Remote Desktop to Remote Desktop 8. I was surprised when I found the import option under the connections menu. The only improvement I would make is to ask on first launch if you want to import from Remote Desktop 8. If you are using Remote Desktop 8, I recommend this upgrade. Update 1: The glitch I describe only happens if you pin the Connection Window to the Menu Bar. If it is not pinned it works just like Remote Desktop 8.0 and allows you to get back to the Mac Desktop without quiting. I like the Pinned menu, but until this is fixed, I need to leave it unpinned.

Good app but missing critical feature

This app works fast and well, but doesn’t provide a way to prevent the menu-bar or dock from appearing at the top and bottom of the screen when you’re in full screen mode. If they added this feature I would switch in a heartbeat, but until then I find it unusable.


When I open a remote desktop, I almost always get a black screen. I can close the window and reopen the remote desktop and then it usually works (sometimes I have to close and reopen multiple times). I need to open and close remote sessions fairly often, so this makes the software a real pain to use. For now, I’m switching back to the old version. (Perhaps I’ll just buy Jump. I have the iPad version and it is excellent.)

Regression: no single monitor full screen mode

Using previous version (8.0) I can run RD session full screen on one monitor and use other monitor for my Mac OS apps. This new version can’t do that: it’s either Full Screen (all monitors, so can’t use simultaneously with other apps), or in window (non-full screen)

This wonderful app does not appear in MAS China

Thanks for this great app, it gives me great convenience and I often recommend this app to my friends. However, Why this wonderful app does not appear in MAS China? I am eager for that. Is that possible? By the way, when click pin to menu bar, should icon in docker should disappear?

Unusable in current state

There is no way to organize the connections. The only option is alphabetical. This is pretty much a complete deal breaker since I have numerous hosts. The groups thing is nice, but there is no way to easily add hosts to groups. You have to “edit” each one and choose the group from the drop down. Very tedious and you still have the issue that they are not arrangeable at all. Alphabetical only. Useless.

Error Code 0x3

Seems like I’m not the only one that's having this issue

Ugh, Microsoft!

There's no apparent way to set the color depth, so the window paints slowly. In the previous 8.x version of the app I would set the color depth to 16-bit and it was fast. I would expect it to be on the Display tab, so if it's somewhere else, please tell me. How could such a performance factor be missed when it was in the last version? Time to uninstall...


一直用beta版, 正式版跟进, 五星

Arrange Desktops

I can’t seem to figure out how to arrange my desktops list in the app in the order I want. It seems to be in some sort of auto arrange and I can’t edit the list at all. Anybody please help. Thanks Also doesn’t seem to want to save the desktop location of a remote RDP session on multiple monitor setup. Will only save location of the monitor that the app controller is running on.

error 0x3

I wasn’t able to connect on the old version, so I download this app. Now I’m getting an error 0x3. Please help. Thanks

PIV support?

Great updates, but even though the local resources allows me to specify smart cards, I still can’t use my PIV card to log onto servers that require it. Am I missing something or does this app still not support this?

2 apps with same name - not a single one works

There are 2 apps in the App Store with same name and neither of them work for me. The servers are good as I can connect to them from my other windows PC. This app gives me "The remote PC ended your session. If this keeps happening, contact your network administrator for assistance. Error code: 0x3” reponse. The other one gives me “Unable to connect to remote PC. Please provide the fully-qualified name or the IP address of the remote PC, and then try again.” BOTH apps on App store are useless for me, great work Microsoft.

4k full screen!

Thanks Microsoft for a very useful product. I am running my RDP session on an external 4k 24” monitor at full resolution and it has been working perfectly. It took some time fiddling with the settings. First you have to make sure MacOS actually is running the monitor at 4k, then in the RDP display settings check “start session in full screen” and resolution set to “default for this display.” It is great to have my regular 1080p x 2 desktop setup running not only at full resolution but actually doubled (4k is 1080p x 4). So much workspace! Only problem is that text is tiny and now I wish I had a 40” 4k monitor.

Feature Idea

This is a great tool that keeps me out of Parallels when managing servers. Supporting multiple locations with mutlple servers it would be great if I could organize within the app by folder/location. The only sort not is alpebetical and this isn’t very helpful when you have 50 servers to step through and update/reboot, etc. Other than that I ike the new interface! OH, wait I see it know, it’s managed by Groups. Not the greatest method to setup, right click and add to would be easier or multiple selection but it works. I have everything grouped by site and this is MUCH MUCH better,

Great app but I need to report a bug

Wonderful app! Makes me so happy. But there is a defect I need to report. If there is a window behind another window and I click on that window, it is leading to Windows on remote machine to crash. Can you help?

Why can’t I use to capture the window of this application?

Yet, capturing a selection of the window, with this application in it, works fine. Check your work Microsoft

Difference between apps?

It would help if MSFT explained the difference between its two Mac-enabled remote desktop apps. 3-stars is a comment on the opacity of the process, not the performance of the app.

Cant verify identity

On the 8.x version if it cannot verify the identity, you can choose “Connect Anyways” but you cannot do this on this version. Want to switch for the visual improvements and the Mac keyboard shortcuts but this is a deal breaker ATM.

Great Software

This works like a charm, despite all the bad and average reviews here i took a chance and am amazed with stability and functionality. You won’t make mistake if you need to connect to Win Desktop


This “update” is pure garbage. All they did was to change the design and call it a new app so they can improve the 3 stars they had before. They should have 2 stars instead. SINCE 2014 people have been having trouble getting the app to recognize 2 monitors and they still cant get it together. Microsoft is such a dissapointment. If apple were to open Mac OS to any PC they would be long gone. So much they ask for feedback for nothing; thats why all your products are a failure. The only reason people use Windows is because there is no other option.

Microsoft continues to write the best software for the Mac!

Once again, Microsoft has done it. This is the RDP program I’ve been looking for! Super fast and I have my groups, I can setup credentials, everything I’ve been looking for, I have finally found. Way to go!

How about supporting retina screen

I really would love to see retina support

Doesn’t support full screen properly

after countless requests on Microsoft’s user voice site, they still did not get full screen mode working properly and matching the fucntionality of the previous version of RDC. On the old version, when using a Mac with dual displays, you could set full screen mode as follows: Resolution: Native Full screen mode: Custom Start session in full screen: Checkbox enabled: With these settings, the RDC connection would show full screen on only ONE display, while your Mac desktop is on the other display. This setting no longer works.

Great improvement… minor blip found

Loving the ability to store usernames as well as pass Mac shortcuts for Cut, Copy, and Paste. Also really enjoying the new layout. The blip I found is that if you use preferences to manage your Groups. after adding the 10th or 1tth one the + and - buttons are no longer available to click as they have been moved off screen. I call this a minor blip as you are still able to add and remove groups just not through the preferences > Groups window.

Much appreciated improvement

I have been using it just for a few minutes but I’m impressed with the new interface. I only entered my remote PC name followed by my login credentials and that was it for the setup. This version feels much snappier than the old version. I like the more native and integrated feel with the rest of the Office apps. Overall, I’m quite happy with this version.

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